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Safe and secure plastic and paper bag sealing

Our popular TS3-EP Bagsealer is a robust and efficient table top sealing machine that is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Delivering a printed, tamper-evident adhesive tape seal, it is suitable for use with paper or plastic bags. Designed initially for the bakery industry, we are increasingly seeing the TS3-EP Bagsealer being used more widely across other industries, including fresh produce and chilled and frozen meat.

The easy open tape seal makes it ideal for customers who require re-sealable packaging to maintain product freshness, and the built-in electronic printer offers intelligent dating capabilities for maximum traceability. Manufacturers can include a wide range of information including made on, best before and display until dates, batch codes, Julian coding, product codes and prices on tape seals. The electronic coder also allows the selection of the required print format from over 100 different options in seconds, all of which automatically self-update chronological time and date information.

See the TS3-EP Bagsealer in action here.

TS3-EP Bagsealer | Select Bag Sealers

The TS3-EP Bagsealer at a glance:

  • Safe and secure sealing of plastic or paper bags
  • Easy to open and re-seal
  • Clearly printed, tamper-evident seal
  • Electronic printer allows fast print format changeovers with self-updating time and date fields
  • Can be used with a variety of coloured adhesive tapes
  • Low maintenance design, with all components easily accessible
  • Optional neck trimmer available

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