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Maximising production efficiency

Our Flexi-Plus Bagsealer is the fully automatic bag sealing machine of choice for food processors across the globe. It can be readily integrated into existing lines, but is also highly effective as a stand-alone unit when combined with a suitable conveyor. From fresh produce to frozen, the Flexi Sealer can be used for broad-ranging food and non-food applications, helping you minimise downtime and maximise production and cost efficiencies.

Fast and efficient – the Flexi-Plus can reach sealing speeds of up to 90 bags per minute.

Hardwearing and durable – designed to allow ease of operation and maintenance, its sturdy stainless steel frame makes the Flexi-Plus suitable for use in food packaging environments, including bakeries, fruit, fresh produce and frozen goods.

Quick and easy monitoring – the Flexi-Plus Bagsealer provides full diagnostics for engineers as well as general running mode information for operators.

Intelligent printing capabilities – the Flexi-Plus Bagsealer is usually fitted with an electronic thermal printer that allows both standard and complex print formats to be applied to the tape seal during application, from standard best before dates to complex batch codes, as well as automatically self-updating chronological time and date information. And, with a memory that can store up to 150 programmes, product information can be changed quickly at the touch of a button.

Full detection – we offer a range of product options including tape run out, foil run out, no bag neck and crust detectors to give you total confidence in product quality across your sealed product ranges.

Adjustable height facility – the Flexi-Plus Bagsealer is the only bag sealer of its type that can be automatically raised and lowered to the product centre line, with pre-set height storage capabilities to ensure high quality across finished packs.

See the Flexi-Plus bag sealer in action here.

Flexi-Plus Bagsealer | Select Bag Sealers

Flexi-Plus at a glance:

  • Safe and secure sealing of plastic or paper bags
  • High speed (up to 90 bags per minute)
  • Delivers up to 50,000 seals between reel changes for long production runs
  • Designed for reliability and low maintenance to minimise downtime
  • Suitable for either manual and automatic systems
  • Intelligent printing capabilities on a reusable seal
  • Finished product is metal detector friendly
  • Paperless tape (Easy Seal) option can operate in damp environments
  • Lubrication-free pneumatics reduce maintenance
  • Electronically adjustable centre line facility
  • Automatic adjustable product width facility
  • Electronically coupled to host conveyor, no chain linkage required
  • Clear operator interface for diagnostics and running information
  • Optional tape run out, foil run out, no bag detection upgrades available

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