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Teaming up with TerraCycle and Hovis to help reduce plastic waste in Leeds and nationally

Doubtless you’ll have seen several new initiatives by the supermarkets and bread brands to play their part in the circular economy, to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging and ensure what is used is optimal for the packaging requirement.

This sustainability is something we at Select Bag Sealers are passionate about and although we don’t have a consumer facing brand that doesn’t mean we aren’t working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we not only play our part but work hard to connect up and align the key players.

An example of this is Hovis who use our tape sealing equipment on all their bagged bread. Hovis have partnered up with TerraCycle to help deliver a recycling program at both national and local level.

How it works

This means that if you collect your bread bags – with the resealable seal attached – you can now drop them off at one of 800 collection points around the country. The nearest one to Leeds is actually at our HQ offices in Yeadon but there are others. The TerraCycle website allows you to find your nearest with their postcode search here.

You can drop off bread bags from any brand as well as plastic wrappers from your toilet rolls, pet food, wraps from fizzy drink 6 packs, in fact anything made of polythene as indicated by the number 4. You can use your bread bag to stuff it full and drop it off here.

Once enough bags have been collected, they are packaged and sent to TerraCycle who facilitate where they are shredded, washed and pelletized. The pellets are then used to create moulded rigid plastic products, such as benches, or used as film for products such as rubbish bags.

Our ongoing commitment to the environment

Richard Hobson, Select Bag Sealers managing director, says: “In an industry that is increasingly taking steps to tackle the very real issue of plastic waste, we are committed to playing our part. Our goal is to help our bakery customers create sustainable packaging solutions and facilitate closed loop recycling.

“When we heard about the Hovis and TerraCycle programme we jumped at the chance to get involved. We’re very happy to be participating in such a fantastic scheme and would encourage people who live or work in the local area to drop off their empty bread bags when they’re passing our premises.”

As the UK’s largest bag seal manufacturer and a key supplier to the global bakery sector, the Select Bag Sealers team is always striving to improve the sustainability of our own operations and those of our customers. This has led to the development of a recyclable tape seal and guidance for bakeries on the route to sustainable packaging.

Our tape seals are 100% recyclable when they remain attached to a recyclable polyethylene bread bag, as the specific combination of film, adhesive and bag means the entire pack is recyclable.

To find out more about the route to sustainable packaging, download our white paper, and find your local Hovis and TerraCycle drop off point here.