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95% of bakeries can’t be wrong…

It’s one of the final stages in your production process, one of the first things people experience when they consume your product, and an experience that is repeated every time that product is consumed.

That’s right: your bread bag seal can have a significant impact on the overall customer experience. But when was the last time you stopped to think about the bag closures you use, and whether there could be a better way?

This tiny packaging component at the end of the production line has big responsibilities. It has to keep the bread fresh for as long as possible. It has to provide a whole host of information for the consumer (and for you). And it has to be able to withstand wear and tear as the bag is opened and resealed, opened and resealed – often several times a day.

95% of bread bags in the UK feature a tape seal

In the US, the plastic tag is the bag sealing mechanism of choice. And, up until the mid-1980s, that was the case in Britain, too. But it’s a very different story in the UK today, where over 95% of bread bags are sealed using a resealable tape seal. The shift from plastic tags didn’t happen overnight, but bakeries have come to realise the many benefits of the tape seal, which include:

Clarity – the tape seal offers significant coding, traceability and information sharing potential. The tape seal can be coded with a variety of essential data, including trace codes, origin codes, sell by, use by and best before dates – all of which enhances your traceability and food safety credentials.

Freshness – the Select Bag sealers’ tape seal gives a near airtight seal that will help keep your products fresher for longer, improving shelf life by more than a day.

Ease of use – our high-performance resealable tape seal makes it easy for consumers to open and re-seal bags. With a Select seal, the bag can be re-sealed time and time again without losing strength, keeping your products fresher for longer once they’ve left the shelf.

Safety – resealable tape is the preference of many food manufacturers, because they regard it as the safest bag closure system. The seals contain no metal, which means sealed bags can be passed through metal detectors after the sealing process. And, from a consumer perspective, the tape seal can pass through the body without causing harm if it is accidentally swallowed.

Sustainability – we understand the pressures food producers are under to develop sustainable packaging. As the UK’s largest bag seal manufacturer and a key supplier to the global food processing sector, we are leading the way in sustainability and have developed a recyclable tape seal, which is 100% recyclable with polythene bags.

If you’re interested in learning more about a fresher, clearer, easier, safer and greener method of bag sealing, get in touch or visit us at the IBIE show in Las Vegas in September (Central Halls, stand 5661).