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Introducing… We Seal!
The new name for
Select Bag Sealers.

We may have rebranded, but we’re still sealing
and resealing the world’s bread brands.

What inspired the rebrand?

We’ve changed our name to We Seal because it’s what we do via our bag sealing machines and resealable recyclable tape seals. We Seal

For some time we’ve been two companies – ProSpool and Select Bag Sealers. ProSpool set up in 1986 has over 25 years’ expertise in all things tape, from manufacturing to spooling, slitting and winding but we specialise in bag sealing using resealable and recyclable adhesive tape. These small but mighty seals are used by almost all the major UK bread manufacturers, as well as for other fresh produce, confectionery, chilled and frozen meats. That’s over 15 million bag seals a day!

Select Bag Sealers (SBS) was bought into the group 4 years ago as experts in the machinery side. Since 1979 SBS has designed, engineered and manufactured the bag sealing machines that apply the resealable tape. Today over 95% of the UK’s bagged bread is sealed with an SBS machine.

Over the last 4 years, we’ve been busy merging the two companies into one entity behind the scenes. We’ve focused on refining our engineering designs, maximising health and safety, and achieving the very latest ISO certification. We’ve even created a completely hassle-free customer experience by introducing a full support service with finance options and mechanical assistance. By bringing these two companies together, we are building an even simpler offering for our customers – all under one roof! So if you bake bread, we seal.

We Seal is worldwide too with customers in America, Canada, Middle East, Kenya, Philippines, Australia, Mexico and Europe. But it’s now time for us to focus on really spreading the word globally about our resealable, recyclable seals to help businesses make the environmentally-friendly choice, increase bread bag recycling and reduce food waste!

Why Choose We Seal?

Our small, but mighty resealable solutions are proof of the power of small. At just 90mm x 12mm, it’s amazing the impact our tape seals can have worldwide.

  • We Seal reliably.
    Our seals are incredibly robust, meaning they can be opened and closed 50+ times each
  • We Seal and reseal.
    Resealable bag closures help food stay fresher for longer, reducing food waste. When food goes to landfill it produces methane, one of the most abundant greenhouse gases contributing to climate change.
  • We Seal responsibly.
    Our seals are 100% recyclable too! They are made from polypropylene. In small pieces, this plastic is often not recycled, just because it’s small size means it’s tricky to collect. However, when these seals are attached to a polythene bag (such as one containing bread), they are so small they won’t contaminate the polythene during the recycling process. Consumers can easily throw their bread bags into recycling without worrying. Other bag sealing products are often made with metal or plastic composites which are extremely difficult, and in some cases impossible, to separate for recycli
  • We Seal safely.
    Believe it or not – people do manage to swallow bread seals! These can often be small children or pets and when it happens with other types of plastic seals, it can have some nasty consequences. Plastic clips have been known to wrap around the bowel or intestines which has been fatal in some cases. We Seal solutions will pass through the body naturally and even have thermal ink to be extra safe.
  • We Seal cares.
    We’re always looking for new ways to lessen our impact on the environment, and are actively educating both the consumer, and businesses on how they can help too!
     We Seal CEO, Richard Hobson says, “We are absolutely delighted to launch We Seal as our new brand and identity. With such a large stake in the UK market and plans to expand globally, we’re uniquely placed to promote our genuinely more environmentally-friendly sealing solution to the food industry. With Governments and the public quite rightly caring more and more about how to slow down climate change, we are ready to play our part and really spread the word that there is a better way to seal bags that works within the circular economy. We Seal are on a mission to push this globally.”

Our brand new website launches on the 3rd February 2020. In the meantime, to find out more visit we-seal.com.

SBS is now We Seal.

Our brand new website launches on the 3rd February 2020.

In the meantime, to find out more visit we-seal.com.