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The importance of being … Fresher

Did you know, that in the UK alone, we throw away approximately 11.8 million tonnes of food waste every year? Plastic packaging plays an important role in protecting goods and extending the shelf life of food products, and we were surprised to learn recently just how many people are unaware of how the tape seal can help prolong product freshness and help in the fight against food waste.

Our secret weapon

Re-sealable tape seals are widely acknowledged in the food industry as being the most secure method of sealing bags, but it seems that, for some people, their ability to help maintain product freshness has gone under the radar.

At the recent iba show in Munich, we spoke to a lot of people who didn’t realise how our Flexi and Easy Seals can help prolong product freshness.

Time for a fresh approach?

When exposed to air, baked goods can become stale within 24 hours. Flow wrap is a common style of packaging bakery products but the inability to maintain freshness once the pack is opened is a definite drawback, and many manufacturers are keen to see an alternative.

A weak or ineffective bag seal can have a significant impact on product quality and integrity. Testing shows that our seals can be resealed numerous times without losing adhesion or damaging the pack, giving our customers peace of mind that their packaging will remain virtually airtight and the shelf life of the product inside can be prolonged.

Educating ourselves and others

During our time in Munich in September, we were able to introduce people – whose previous experience of taped seals was the permanent kind that cannot be opened without damaging the bag they are sealing – to an alternative and more effective tape seal.

We were also extremely pleased to hear from a number of people in the bakery industry who have recently made the switch from plastic tags to our resealable tape. They found that it added as much as 48 hours to a product’s shelf life. And one gluten-free bread producer had specifically adopted the airtight seal to avoid product contamination.

An important part to play

For a tiny packaging component, the tape seal has a big role. Now more than ever before, the food industry is being challenged to maintain a delicate balance between the amount of plastic used in packaging and the amount of food waste caused by inferior packaging.

By producing a packaging solution that has the ability to prolong and maintain freshness for as long as possible, we are pleased to be able to contribute to the fight to reduce food waste.