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The importance of being… Easier


Did you know, that every tonne of food waste prevented has the potential to save 4.2 tonnes of CO2? That means that reducing food waste can make a real contribution to tackling greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. With consumers more time-poor than ever, its vital that they have access to easy sealing solutions that can be quickly deployed to prevent food waste, which is where Select Bag Sealers comes in.

An indispensable asset

For over 30 years, Flexi-Seals from Select Bag Sealers have been taking the hard work not only out of the initial sealing process for bakeries and other food packagers, but also every subsequent resealing by a consumer. Long acknowledged as being the most secure method of sealing bags, it is Flexi-Seals ease of use that has truly made them an indispensable asset in the fight against food waste.

When you consider that over five million loaves are sold every day, with the average UK household buying over 80 loaves per year and spending on average over £75 on sliced bread, doesn’t it make sense to make things as easy as possible?

Keeping things simple

We understand that day-to-day life can be hectic, and consumers need a bag sealing solution that can be quickly deployed without losing effectiveness. Our Flexi-Seals are easy for all ages and abilities to use, and because they are manufactured using purpose designed foil, there are no sharp edges to worry about and the whole process of resealing your packaging couldn’t be simpler.

Not only is our unique resealable adhesive not damaging to packaging, but it can also be resealed many times without losing its effectiveness. While other permanent sealing tape is difficult to open, often requiring the package itself to be ripped in order to gain access, our Flexi-Seals leave packaging intact.

Never been easier

Ease of use doesn’t just extend to the end consumer, with many of our customers involved in the packaging of products swearing by our Flexi-Seals due to the range of advantages they provide to make sealing quick and easy. Because each reel of our Flexi-Seals comprises over 33,000 seals, over 10 times more than our some of our competitors, less operator intervention is required to keep the production running smoothly. Combine that with the ability to seal up to 65 units per minute, improving productivity and efficiency really has never been easier.