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The 100% recyclable bread bag is a reality

Select Bag Sealers white paper outlines the route to sustainable packaging for bakeries

The UK’s largest bag seal manufacturer and supplier Select Bag Sealers has introduced a recyclable bag seal, with a white paper titled ‘It’s all about the seal: Fresher, clearer, easier, safer…and now greener’.

The paper examines the themes and contributory factors in the drive for sustainable packaging, the various bag sealing methods available and the company’s recyclable bag seal, which will enable bakeries to create a bread bag that is 100% recyclable.

Richard Hobson, Select Bag Sealers’ sales director, commented: “Bakery brands are under more pressure than ever to make their packaging sustainable. We have invested heavily in examining the role we can play, and how we can help our bakery customers create recyclable packaging that includes the coded seal.

“The road to sustainable packaging is not a straightforward one. It’s far more complex than common perceptions would have you believe, and there is much ambiguity, misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding it. That’s why we wanted to set out the wider context for our latest product innovation – the recyclable bag seal – examining the alternatives and demonstrating how we can provide bakeries with a sustainable solution.”

To download a free copy of ‘It’s all about the seal: Fresher, clearer, easier, safer…and now greener’, visit www.selectbagsealers.com/white-paper.